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Who we are

Avinav is a network portal for interconnecting several public and private sector industries (civil aviation, aerospace, defense, homeland security, space), industry forums, chambers of commerce, government agencies, foreign trade councils / offices, professionals and students across the globe. We offer safe and secure business communication platform to you, your customers and suppliers.

We facilitate members to get quick information relevant for their business. We believe in successful and healthy long term business relationships and customer satisfaction.

We provide services that cover advisory on and compliances of regulations, taxation, market research, merger and acquisition, consulting, drafting agreements for joint ventures and foreign collaborations, business process solutions, outsourcing functional activities, etc.



How it works

You would need to create an online account for signing up and fill in your business details that will be kept secured with us. Once you log in, you can access all the information and updates relevant for your business requirement of sales and procurements.


You would create an account using an email id and password. After login information is available, to become full- fledged member and access to updates and information on the portal, you would need to choose plan to purchase. Post payment, you would proceed to submit your basic details like name, description, contact details etc.


We are committed to ensure authentic data on the portal. We suggest our customers to fill in the correct information. After successfully submitting your company's details and creating an account,please wait for 48 hours for admin to verify your details and after that your company's profile would be activated.


Once your profile gets activated, you can begin to interact with your potential suppliers and customers You can also post your views. Search engine is available for accessing any other members on the portal and start connecting with them.You can also get regular industries, regulatory and policies updates.

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